My name is Vipin and this website’s been a long pending experiment to reboot writing and photography. 

I’ve always felt the need to write about the following.

  1. Purchases I make – with all the links that helped me finalise my decision and finally my own take on it. 
  2. Road trips – I do close to 3 – 5 road trips, with the boys, in a year. If I can document it well, I can always look back at the memories.

I don’t intend it to be a travel or tech review website which will help you make a decision. It’s just my contribution of more garbage on the Internet.

Why not Social Media?

I don’t know how to use it. The last time somebody tried to teach me twitter, it took more than 40 mins and at the end of which I still couldn’t differentiate between a public and a private tweet.

Why am I not looking at the cam even though it’s a self portrait? Pick one

  1. cool guys don’t look at explosions
  2. couldn’t see the camera in the dark
  3. I derive superhuman powers from Captain. Don’t want to be sued for damaging property with my gaze